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MedProSuite is an information management solution for hospitals and clinics. MedProSuite can be used for residency programs, nursing programs, clinic personnel management and for any department or program that you choose. Here are some of the key features and options:

  • Manage all the “Who-Where-When-How-Why” tasks for your department or program
  • Your account can be setup to include one or more departments within your organization
  • Departments can have separate accounts but share information
  • The system is flexible enough to let you define what a ‘department’ is (as long as it has personnel)
  • Three key administrative levels for flexibility in workflow and task delegation
  • Integrated features that work together - for example, LOAs/vacations info within Schedules, Didactics info within Resident Portfolios
  • Reports, reminders and automated emails help you stay on track for accreditation reviews
  • Ability to partner with other institution or locations using MedProSuite (read more below)

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About Partner Accounts

Partner accounts are completely separate, but they allow each partner to share a (very) limited amount of information:

  • Each partner can assign residents to each other's rotations.
  • Partner accounts can share lecture and lecture attendance information.
  • Personnel at partner institutions can share and discuss resident portfolio entries (if the resident opts to share an entry).
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